Free Up Your Fingers With The SoftStep Foot Controller

Have you ever been in the middle of using your computer, only to wish that you could operate it hands-free? Do you DJ or want to learn how? Then check out what the mad scientists at Keith McMillen have created: a foot-controller that opens up a bunch of possibilities. At its most basic, the Softstep is essentially a keyboard for your feet; but when used properly, it gives you access to two more hands. I’m not going to guess what you’re going to do with those new hands, but I can tell you why this peripheral is one you should peep.

The SoftStep is a foot-controlled digital interface to use with computers; think of it as multi-touch for your feet. It can be programmed to take over for anything your mouse or keyboard does on a Mac or PC. Let your feet do the things your hands don’t need to — whether that’s moving the mouse, opening a folder, or activating any of a number of specific commands in any program.

Tapping 10 dual-color, illuminated pressure-sensitive keys and a direction pad makes for faster access and gives your wrists a break. Power comes from the USB cable , so there’s no batteries to worry about either.

If you’re a player (of music, that is), then this bad boy will help give you a leg up. Once connected to a MIDI hardware (using the optional MIDI expander), your taps take over for commands that have been downloaded into its memory. Then you tap for effects with music or interface with hardware to direct lighting effects or pyrotechnics on the stage — it’s up to you. Each key controls up to 6 “messages” or signals so you’ve plenty to work with.

Besides being carbon fiber and graphite tough, the skin’s even waterproof, so the lights won’t go out just ‘cause some beer gets spilled. The days of those heavy push button pedals are dead, Jack.



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