Fat Joe Says It’s OK For White Kids To Drop N-Bombs [VIDEO]

So it’s been a “minute” since Fat Joe was in the news again but the dude has lost some weight. Granted, when your name is Fat Joe and you actually live up the namesake, the term “some weight” is relative. Joe’s still a big dude, but he recently gave the “skinny” on VladTV about the N-Bomb. When asked about its usage, Fat Joe responded that anyone [read: white kids] should be able to use the word. I know that makes a lot of suburbia happy, but I would be pretty careful about trying this one out in public.

I find it interesting that Fat Joe’s the one giving the all-clear sign on the n-word. In my humble, somewhat knowledgable hip-hop opinion, it was really Big Pun who led the charge for hispanic people to use the word. He was clearly the first one to not give a sh*t what black rappers were saying about its usage. Now that Fat Joe’s the only one TS Member left, he’s really trying to knock it out of the park.

Let me know how you feel in the comment section below. Are you stoked bro? Do you disagree with him? (Source: VladTV)

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