5 Reasons Why The UFC Surpassed Boxing

Saturday was a great night for sports fans.  Football fans had a slew of interesting games to watch, beginning with Penn State hosting Nebraska, and all the off the field hoopla that surrounded the game, and culminating with Oregon beating up on Stanford in the nightcap.  Basketball fans got to see Coach K cruise to his 902nd win, which tied him with Bobby Knight for the career lead.  But for me, I was most excited about Pacquiao-Marquez; after seeing the way these two fighters matched up in their first two fights, you knew it would be worth the $55 on PPV.  But what surprised me was that when I started calling my buddies to let them know I was renting the fight, every single one of them said they’d come by as long as we were also watching the UFC on Fox at 9:00.  Of course, the two events didn’t overlap so it was all the same to me, but it proved to me that in the key demographic of 18-34 year olds, MMA had clearly taken over as the king of combat sports.  Here are 5 reasons why this happened:

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