Are Fanny Wangs Better Than Beats by Dre?

There’s three things a good pair of headphones better do: seal off the outside; have a dynamic range (i.e. make your stolen MP3s sound like crap); and fit well enough so that you can wear them for hours. Courtesy of good padding, custom paired titanium plated drivers, a 10Hz-20 kHz range and sensible adjustment methods, these Fanny Wang on-ear headphones do it all.

They deserve attention because of the way they sound and look, not because of a rapper’s name. If you’re taking these out of the home or studio, you can fold these beat beasts in half, courtesy of the aluminum hinges located on either side.

All that’s left to do is place them in the included case and you’re good to go. Another nice feature allows your friends to simultaneously listen to your music by plugging into the extra jack, conveniently located on the removable audio cord.

Want to attract more attention? Then get the ones in red, instead of black with red trim. Personally, I’m staying away from the pink one.

Some of you might think that they look somewhat similar to another high-end quality headphone, and you know what? You’re right. In fact, Monster Cable sued Fanny Wang for copyright infringement. That situation has nothing to do with you, though. What does concern you is that the Fanny Wang’s sound is much more natural while the Beats have a much heavier bass (sometimes getting in the way of the actual song). The Fanny’s are also retailing for considerably less. You can watch a full comparison of the two below.



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