The 20 Best Beer Chuggers On The Internet [VIDEOS]

I’m not really skilled in many areas of life, but I take pride in my ability to smoke beers. Though my chugging prowess is admirable, in no way can I even come close to touching the dudes in these videos. I had a fraternity brother who’s 6’4″ 300 lbs and the guy basically inhaled brews. I have another buddy who downed 6 drafts in 20 seconds. I’d like to think they’d be able to compete with some of the world’s fastest beer chuggers. If you think these are bullsh*t, send us your fastest chug to Excuse me while I watch Beerfest for the ten millionth time.

Hello Kitty Chug

Pitcher of Beer In 5 Seconds

1 Liter in 6 Seconds? Easy

Kyle Drinks a 40 in 4.5 Seconds

Three 12 oz. Beers In 5 Seconds

An Amazing Das Boot Chug

Pint Chug in 2.8 Seconds at 2002 World Beer Games

Goooooooooo, Gone!

60 Ounces in 8 Seconds

Beer Chugged in 2.15 Seconds

Das Boot – 6 Beers in 15 seconds

Close to a Pitcher of Beer in About 5 Seconds

6 Beers in 10 Seconds

Big Bottle a’ Beer in about 4 Seconds

Wisconsin Chugs a 40 in less than 8 Seconds

40 ouncer in 7 seconds

Does This Even Count as A Chug?

1 Liter in 6.4 Seconds

2 Second Beer Chug


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