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How To Tell If Jewelry Is Fake


The best way to ensure that the jewelry you buy is real is to only purchase it from reputable companies. Do some price comparisons before purchasing. Just like with any other product, if one price seems excessively low, it’s for a reason. If you do end up with jewelry that you are skeptical of, the best way to determine its authenticity is to get it appraised professionally. Yes, it will cost you even more money, but it’s the most accurate way to find a fake. If this option is out of the question (or you’re just curious about how testing of jewelry is done), there are several ways to examine the jewelry for authenticity on your own. Find out how below.

Seriously though, just buy your jewelry from a decent place. Even major retail stores have authenticated jewelry. Avoid kiosks in the mall, shady looking stores, and, of course, the old timey guy from the movies with watches inside his trenchcoat.

  • COED Writer