This Supercar Museum Will Really Rev Your Engines [PHOTOS]

Most museums, let’s face it, are boring. Sure, you might have told your girlfriend you liked going to that art exhibit, but deep down we know you hated it.  You didn’t understand all those abstract paintings that were really just big squares of red, blue, and green. I suggest you check out The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, as it will change your opinion on museums.

The Petersen has cool exhibits about the history of cars, the Batmobile, motorcycles that were owned by Steve McQueen, and tons of other amazing vehicles. They have an immense collection on hand and exhibits are always changing, meaning that even repeat visitors can always find something new and exciting.

The best part of the museum by far is the exhibit entitled, “Supercars: When Too Much Is Almost Enough” which showcases supercars in all their glory.  When I visited the museum last summer, it was hard to contain my excitement.  Ferraris and Bugattis and Maseratis, oh my!  It was the best museum I ever visited!   The only thing that would have made the supercar exhibit better?  Supermodels in the Supercars. Check out my photos of the awesome exhibit below!

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