When It Comes To Secure File Sharing, It’s iTwin or Lose [TECH]

You want to be able to access your files from anywhere in the world, but leaving them up in the clouds means that your files are capable of being accessed anywhere (by anyone) in the world. Sending them via email means the same thing. The only way you can keep your files safe is by actually keeping them on the computer until you need them. Enter the iTwins. These guys will make sure that only one person (you) can access whatever files you need from wherever you need them from. Check out our review below.

Each of these iTwin drives look like they’re USB flash drives, but they actually have no memory inside. Instead there’s hard-core encryption tech. You plug one of the two (they pull apart from each other) into your Mac or PC’s USB port and the other into the other computer you want to communicate with. That’s it. Now you just transfer files from one to the other using WiFi and the Internet like it was nothing — there’s no size limits because the two iTwins aren’t thumb drives, remember? What you send is YOUR business, not some government spook’s.

Since iTwin configures itself when plugged in, there’s really nothing to do. Okay you can set a password if you want, but there’s not much reason to do that unless you don’t trust who’s running the iTwin on the other end. And for the truly paranoid, you can disable a lost iTwin, too. Doesn’t that cover all the bases?



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