Awesome Rock Trial Bike Riding In The Moab [VIDEO]


It’s awesome HD videos like this that make me feel like a POS for not being able to ride a bike well. Yes, I grew up in NYC and didn’t need to ride as much as ‘Suburban Sam’, but when I see this guy Jeremy VanSchoonhoven bunny hop his way up a ten foot rock I feel completely incompetent. Apparently, Jeremy was a finalist on America’s Got Talent but he lost to a homeless singer. I know, I know… Homeless people ruin everything. Anyway, the guy who shot this video (DevinSuperTramp)¬†apparently also filmed the super awesome bro slip’n’slide. Check out his YouTube page for more awesome vids. Or, you know, our video page. (via Devour)

Director of Sales and Marketing
Director of Sales and Marketing
Wyatt is a Gettysburg College graduate and NYC native who is flattered that you're interested about reading up on him.
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