The Sexual Benefits of Yoga

If you were hoping that yoga was a passing fad, like flash mobs and Crocs, it’s become clear that Sting’s favorite pastime is here to stay. While most guys still consider yoga a chicks-only activity, a 2008 Yoga Journal study found that nearly 30% of the almost 16 million U.S. yogis are in fact dudes.  And if you think that 30% is comprised of emaciated sissies, you’re definitely wrong: Kevin Garnett, Shannon Sharpe and the entire Lakers lineup practice regularly.

While you’ve probably heard the normal pro-yoga arguments—muscle recovery, stress reduction, overall health improvement—one important fact is often left out: yoga can seriously improve your sex life. We consulted a yoga teacher on exactly how yoga can turn a regular guy into a legendary lover.

If you haven’t already signed up for a yoga class mid-article, we suggest you jump on the bandwagon in order to romp like a rock star.

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