Melo Powers Through the Hudson with the New M8 [RECAP]

On October 12, Jordan Brand dropped a new sneaker for NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony. The shoe is called the M8 and comes in a variety of colors and styles, each one cooler than the next. This sneaker was extra special for Melo because it is his first shoe since he joined his “hometown” New York Knicks. You see some of the Knick flavor in the shoes and you can bet you’ll be seeing tons of these shoes popping up around NYC in the next few months. To celebrate the release of this shoe, Jordan Brand had a launch event on October 20 and COED got an invite. Check out our recap of the event after the jump!

There was a lot of mystery surrounding the event. There was going to be a show of some sort and we knew that Melo would be making an appearance and that DJ Enuff and Angie Martinez from Hot 97 were hosting. The big secret about the night was that there was going to be an appearance/performance by one of New York City’s legendary MC’s at the end of the evening. Once we got there we got a sick spot by the entrance and got some pretty awesome pics as people were filtering in. The Jordan Brand NYC Ambassadors first showed off the new sneaker, then WNBA star Maya Moore came through, and finally Carmelo made his grand entrance.

¬†After Melo got there, Jordan Brand put together a pretty incredible performance. It included a helicopter, a guy jumping from the helicopter into the Hudson and a lights/water show that was unlike anything I had ever seen before. They shot mist from the river and shot images onto it to make it look like Melo was running, jumping, shooting and dribbling right on the water. It all culminated with the image of a new Melo M8 sneaker floating over the Hudson. Pretty impressive stuff. The video below shows the performance, and although it doesn’t do it justice, you can get the idea of just how cool and unique a show this was.

After the performance, the crowd was real hyped and things only got better from here. We were minutes away from finding out who this mystery legendary New York MC was. I had some ideas floating through my head about who I thought it was, and to my surprise my guess was correct…the performer was Nas! Everyone went nuts when Nas came out and he played a short, but awesome set. He played and absolutely killed It A’int Hard To Tell, The World Is Yours, Made Ya Look and One Mic. He brought a sick energy to the stage and put an awesome end to the night.

As you can tell, the night was a huge success and Melo seemed real pumped to be getting all this love, and getting it in NYC. Call me crazy, but there is no chance you get a night like this in Denver. Chris Paul take notes. Whenever the NBA season starts back up, think about this night. Are you going to get a reception like this in New Orleans…probably not. Come join the Knicks and get your own Jordan Brand event right in NYC. Speaking of Chris Paul…look who we spotted on our way out.

Jordan Brand sure knows how to throw a party. Not only are the new Melo M8’s awesome sneakers, the launch party was a great time. Check out the gallery below for some more photos from the evening and some shots of the different styles of M8 available.

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