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Tiffany Crystal Takes A Shower For #TiffanyTuesday


It is Tuesday again COED readers. And although this week isn’t filled with some exciting shenanigans at the Playboy Mansion, I have been getting ready for the next two weeks-where I will be jet setting to shoot at a gorgeous mansion in Cabo Mexico with 8 beautiful models and then heading to Miami for Playboy Golf and another shoot! Since there is a lot of upcoming shoots I got a lot of questions this week pertaining to modeling. I thought I would also include some of my favorite modeling photos. Next week I won’t be able to post, but be sure to tweet me @Tiff_Crystal and check back the following week for my updates (and pictures) from my Cabo trip! And if you have ideas for Halloween costumes, tweet that to me as well! I will pick one of your ideas and be sure to get lots of pics for you in it!

@jlog3000 “If someone is becoming a model for the first time, what advice would give to her?”

Don’t be nervous, it shows up in photos. Just relax and have fun with. You can tell when a girl is nervous because usually her shoulders are pulled up high next to her neck. A pet peeve of mine is when girls don’t point their toes-makes your legs look longer.

@Roonaldo107 “How do u always look so gorgeous and hot in ur piks?”

Photoshop ;) I am lucky to work with some talented photographers and am serious about what I do. I workout, eat healthy, rarely have a lot of late night partying, and make sure my hair and makeup are done well. I think the biggest part is just having confidence, and moving your body so the photographer can capture the best angles.

@nonster7 “Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?”

In the waiting room at the plastic surgeons office to keep me forever looking 24 ;) Kidding. But I do hope in terms of career, that I am still able to be doing commercial work or acting. Probably won’t see me on COED or in any bikinis but maybe playing the “mom” roll on some tv show or commercial. I hope that whatever I am doing I am happy and enjoying it-that’s the key!

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