Ask A Chick: Toe Sucking, Waiting Game For Virgins, Post-Date Texting

The girl I was hooking up with asked me to suck her toes. I was grossed out, but I did it to get her off. She loved it. If she asks, do I do it again? — Jimmy

Charlsie Says: If you like pleasing her and she asks, consider doing it again. If you absolutely hate it — don’t do it. Don’t put yourself in a jam by getting down and dirty with her toes if it’s not getting you hot and bothered at all.

My girlfriend is a virgin. How long do I wait for her to want to have sex? — James

Charlsie Says: You wait until she’s ready. If that doesn’t fit your timeframe and you have a problem with it, move on because you’ll end up doing you and her both a favor. Don’t rush it or you’ll ruin a good thing.

photo by PhotoAlto Agency Eric Audras

Am I desperate if I text a girl after our date to say that I had a good time? — Ben

Charlsie Says: If you send a short but sweet text after the date, it can go a long ways. I don’t think it makes you desperate, unless you send it the minute she closes the door. If you incessantly send texts or word anything like you’re too eager, it may come across a little weird, but if you keep it simple — you’ll be fine.

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