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3 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Sticky Icky Season [Weedly Column]


We’re full on into the Fall season and just about midway through the Fall semester, which means most college-aged peeps are hitting the books (and naturally, the bong) hard. Autumn also marks the start of a new marketing season for dealers at college. A good dealer should know to up his or her game by carrying better bud now that the concentrating masses are back on campus. If you’re looking to purchase your stash for the semester (or the week), the time is now! So, what can you expect during the fall season, chronically speaking? Read on to find out…

1. Increased Quantity

Most crops of Mary Jane in the Midwest, South, and West Coast of the United States are harvested during October and through November. This means the bud you get right now will be just about as fresh as it can be compared to later in the year. With the harvesting season underway, the overall presence of ganja will grasstically increase as well, and even if it’s not the best bud around, at least there’ll be some in the vicinity. If you’re one of those people who stuck around campus through the summer, you’ll really notice the difference in greenery on campus from one season to next.

2. Increased Quality

But more likely than not the quality of the grass you can obtain will have gone up, too, at least if you know the decent dealers. Those are the ones who are looking to hook people from the get-go with a product they can be proud of (they’re probably double-majoring in horticulture and marketing if they’re a student). You might even get strain names out of them if you’re lucky. My personal favorite for the fall season so far has been Lemon Kush. You know the saying: “If life gives you lemon kush…”-wait, I just had it…oh yeah – “smoke that sh*t!”

Dude! Sh*t's on sale!

3. Increased Supply Means Lower Prices

Although any dealer’s/business’s main priority is profit, given the abundance of weed right now, one might be willing to let go of a few bucks from the money trees to make a less profitable sale to a valued customer. Quarter ounces are typically $80, but through October and November you might see them go for $70. Eighths may be had for $35, but you’ll probably keep paying $20 for a dubsack. Don’t expect to skimp your dealer out on a dimebag either.

The bottom line is there’s no better season for pot smokers than Fall. The leaves are changing color in more ways than one. Rake together whatever change you can pull from the couch, it’ll be more than enough to blaze.

Disagree? Sound off in the comments, son!

  • COED Writer