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AXE College Football Bucket List Week 5: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]


The AXE College Football Bucket List Tour rolls on, this time we bring you pics and vids from our trip to Madison, Wisconsin for a key Week 5 match-up between the Cornhuskers and Badgers. We didn’t think things could get any better after Tempe, but turns out ‘Sconnies can bring the heat even on a chilly October day. From crashing ESPN College GameDay, to hanging out with Turtle, to scarfing down thousands of pregame calories, to riding the short bus, Badger Nation proved they have the most vibrant college football culture (and passion for food) we have seen to date. Check out our full recap below.

TASK: Check Out The Kollege Klub

“The KK” is located in the heart of campus, near the Union and the Greek houses on Langdon Street. Any Badger student will tell you this is the place to be on the weekends. Quinn took it upon himself to “Pit Pit Chest” before arriving and had more than a few ladies calling his name. Guess those leaked poolside pictures with Kendra Wilkinson really upped his celebrity status.

TASK: Hang With Abe Lincoln at Bascom Hill

Bascom Hill is the equivalent of the “Quad” on any other campus. On top of the hill you can see the entire campus, the Capitol building and all of downtown Madison. Here a giant statue of Abe Lincoln precedes over everything and adventurous Badgers will climb the statute to spend some quality time with honest Abe.

TASK: Memorial Union, the Terrace and Der Rathskeller

Located directly on the shores of Lake Mendota, Memorial Union which houses the Terrace and Der Rathskeller is another great place to take in the UW vibe. The Union has served as the hang out and favorite gathering spot for UW college students for over 80 years.

TASK: Crush State Street Brats

A few years back State Street Brats was voted the #1 college sports locale in the nation and it’s easy to see why. There is no better place to be before, during and after the game. State Street Brats has a good crowd and the Brats are legendary. Make sure you arrive early and don’t dare wear any color other than red if you’re planning to stop by on game day.

TASK: Eat At Mickie’s Dairy Bar

Mickie’s Dairy Bar, located across from Camp Randall, is a throwback to old school Madison, WI. Not much has changed with decor since it opened but make sure you get there early because this greasy spoon is adored by students, alumni and locals and only open for breakfast (the spot closes at 2:30 pm.).

TASK: Cheese Curds at Amy’s

Cheese curds and brats always battle it out for the signature food of Wisconsin. If you want to try amazing curds you need to go to Amy’s. It’s no frills good eating.

TASK: Eat Wisconsin Ice Cream

Wisconsin is known for its cheese and where does good cheese come from? Good milk. So it’s safe to assume if Wisconsin has the best milk they’ll have the highest quality ice cream. We had already done more eating than was probably healthy but Quinn’s sweet tooth was in full effect so a stop by a locally owned ice cream shop on State Street was a must.

TASK: Hitch a Ride to Camp Randall on the Badger Bus

The Badger Short Bus Brigade is the newest and arguably greatest pre-game tradition at the University of Wisconsin. Starting several hours before the game, the bus picks students up in front of State Street Brats and drops them off at various locations in Madison with the final destination being Camp Randall Stadium.

The bus was featured on and most recently ESPN thus the guys have sold out tickets for the rest of the year. Quinn and the COED crew took a ride from State Street Brats to Camp Randall and we all agree it was one of the top highlights of the day.

TASK: Jump Around

This relatively new tradition started in 1998 now reigns as the most loved in-stadium tradition amongst Wisconsin students and visiting fans alike. Before the game nearly a dozen students suggested Jump Around, ESPN profiled it on College GameDay and we saw dozens of Jump Around t-shirts. It happens between the 3rd and 4th quarters and you need to watch the video above to get a better idea as to what it is all about.

TASK: Do The Wave

Typically we wouldn’t write about a “wave” but Wisconsin blew our minds with their take on the well-known stadium tradition. Quinn helped kick it off and as the wave went around a second time, the crowd slowed it down, third time the wave broke into hyper speed and the forth go around the wave split into two. Get a better idea by watching the video.

TASK: Dominate the 5th Quarter

After every game, The University of Wisconsin Marching Band takes to the field to wow the crowd with a 20 minute “5th quarter” performance. Quinn was the real star of 5th quarter as he dominated the chicken dance.

All in all we had a fantastic time in Madison. Next week we’ll be in Knoxville, TN for the sixth and final week of the AXE Ultimate College Football Bucket List tour. Make sure you check back later this week for more and be sure to follow along on Facebook or Twitter.

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