The 6 Safest Games To Play At Work

Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to play video games all day? Well, don’t let the fact you’re not a professional gamer dissuade you – anyone can sit around and get paid to game, all you need is 1) a cubicle and 2) a job where you have no responsibility. Easy, right? So, whether you have access to the Internet or just a smartphone, we’ve got games for you. They may not be Call of Duty, but, hey, they’re better than working for a living. Check out our list of SFW-ish games below.

Also, for those of you truly working in the worst offices in the world (the ones that still use Excel 2000), here’s a cool little game that’s actually included in the program. You drive around shooting and blowing up cars. Just don’t expect too much – it’s hidden in Excel.

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