#TiffanyTuesday Celebrates #ScarlettJohanssoning

We asked you guys to tweet questions to our newest sexpert Tiffany Crystal (@Tiff_Crystal w/ hash-tag #TiffanyTuesday) in exchange for a new super sexy pic of her posing with an “I ♥ COED” sticker. You guys came through and so did our Miss COED with solid answers and a tribute to Scarlett Johansson with a self-shot mirror pic. In this week’s Q&A session, Tiffany touches on what makes her successful, her favorite TV show, rich fat guys vs. poor hot dudes, and the 6 things girls are afraid to do in front of their men. Check ’em out below.

TIFFANY: Hello again COED readers! Wow what a crazy week it has been! Sorry I missed you last week but I made up for it now! And yayyyy for naked Scarlett Johansson pics! My already existing girl crush just skyrocketed on her!

You might not know it, but she released an album a year or so back-I got it, just because I think if a woman can look that sexy all the time she has to sound sexy, too! The verdict is still out on her music making abilities, but who cares when she has such lovely lady lumps!

I also don’t know why everyone made such a big deal about it. I would like to know one person who has NEVER taken nakey pics on their phone? I just hope the ones taken by Chaz Bono or Hilary Clinton never get hacked and released to the press! But hey, at least now we have Scarlett Johanssoning – and anything Miss Johansson does is a-okay in my book!

What’s your guy’s thoughts?

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@jlog3000 “As a model, what makes you so successful?”

I think the largest thing I can attribute towards my success is my attitude. There are thousands of beautiful women who could model, but it really is your attitude that sets you apart. Sounds so cheesy but getting along with the makeup artist, or some assistant is just as important as the people making the big decisions. Same goes for dating or any part of life, you have to have the confidence in yourself first before you can sell someone else on the idea that you’re awesome!

@MattIsCabin “Would you rather date a really rich fat guy, or a hot dude who is broke living w/ his parents?”

I am not very materialistic, so I would rather choose the broke dude-not because he is hot, but he would probably be more spontaneous, free-spirited and down to have a good time! That trumps taking me shopping or to some fancy restaurant any day! I have to laugh, and really am a pretty low-key simple girl. I also am big into physical activity, so chances are the hot dude and I would have more compatibility in that area – AND by physical I mean getting sweaty at the gym ;)

@chicoperales “what is your favorite tv show?”

Easy! DEXTER! So excited for the Season 6 to start next week! A close second is True Blood, though. I would be a Fang Banger if a real Eric Northman existed!

The guys over at Guyism posted “6 Things girls are afraid to do in front of her man” and COED wanted to know my thoughts, so here is a quick breakdown!

6) Eat messy foods: Eh who cares? I am the first one to grab handful of whip cream or cake to smash in someone’s face! Food fights just mean you have to shower it off :)

5) Have gas: Well, no this wouldn’t be good, so it’s a good thing girls don’t have this problem ;)

4) Facebook stalk: If its casual I don’t see a problem, but going crazy over the top obsessive is something that the boyfriend might want to take a mental note of…

3) Work out: I don’t see how this would be embarrassing? Cute booty shorts, sports bra, and some stretching – I don’t think he would complain about that!  And with all the other guys checking you out he will realize how lucky he is to have such a hot girlfriend!

2) Watch our TV shows: Again, who cares! He probably is just happy you aren’t asking him to watch them with you!

1) Poop: Girls also don’t do this. But I think it’s safe to agree that this is never sexy in any situation. EVER.

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