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Wrap It Up: Pothead Elmo Runs Netflix’s New Qwikster Twitter Account Edition


Netflix is separating its DVD biz from streaming. DVD ops now called, “Qwikster” and its Twitter account is managed by a pot-smoking Elmo. No word from Nestle on how they plan to sue.

What if Legend of Zelda had a soundtrack by Lady Gaga?

What if Avatar were made for Atari?

This video out-weirds even the most WTF Tim & Eric sketch…

Polly Parsons is the next Jessice Jane Clement.

Here are hot girls in flannel shirts for the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s “Nevermind”.

Here’s the most overly dramatic break-up of all-time. OF ALL-TIME!

What would Tom Selleck’s mustache look like on cinema’s most iconic characters? Glad ya asked.

Darth Vader throws like a girl…

The Foo Fighters performed for the Westboro Baptist Church…

Children’s cartoons are full of sexual innuendos…

Vanessa Veasley did girl on girl with Jessica Vaugn.

Kate Upton continues to crush lingerie. Is Jessica Rafalowski the next Kate Upton?

Meanwhile, Jarah Mariano knows how to wear a bikini.

Get your very own Ol’ Dirty Bastard Food Stamp Card.

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter is pretty hot.

Want to learn the rules of rugby? Who better to teach you than smoking hot girls?

Toronto strippers are the most intellectual in Canada. Note to self: avoid Toronto.

Sperm banks are turning down redheads. Carrot Top hangs himself.

Some dude in Tennessee lived on worms and dip for 5 days while lost in the woods.

Peace out, bitches! We’re off to blow up our DVRs.

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