The 30 Frattiest Schools In America: Who’s #1? [POLL]

A while back we presented you guys with a guide to determining whether or not your school is “frat”. We also showed you the Fratossary – a glossary of frat terms and lingo to help you blend in at the house – and a complete guide to frat guys. By now, you should all be experts on what it takes to be frat. Now, we take a look at the frattiest schools and ask you to vote for the one who out-frats them all. Check out the full rundown then vote in our poll at the bottom of the post. NERDS!

UPDATE: Some of you don’t understand how our slideshow works. When you see “1 of 30” that means the first slide of 30 slides. Unless there’s a number directly next to the Title, it’s NOT the ranking. This list is in alphabetical order, not ranked.

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