Ask A Chick: Online Dating 101, Apt Art, Dating Overkill

I’m considering online dating. How do I come across as a nice guy like I am in real life? — Zack

Charlsie Says: Don’t post creepy body shots of yourself. Stay away from any gun related images. And of course, don’t post pictures of yourself holding babies because that’s only going to make women think you’re a daddy. Be geniune, but not overstated. If you would be uncomfortable for your mom to read your profile, reconsider what you write. If you are approachable, the nice guy persona will come across.

What is something I need to have in my apartment to impress girls? — Michael

Charlsie Says: Some kind of art. Or just have a clean place — something that doesn’t scream of one night stands, beer, and dirty strippers always does the trick. What impresses a girl is going to vary, so just bet on being somewhat tidy and respectful and that’ll go a long way.

How many dates is too many dates in one week before I’m exclusive? I feel like it’s overkill with this girl I’m kinda into. — Bryant

Charlsie Says: If you feel like it’s overkill, it’s obviously overkill. Keep it to two to three nights, but that’s if you’re pretty much head over heels for her. If you’re not sure, do one night and then play it by ear when it comes to hanging out. Playing the dating game is stupid, in my book, but if you are looking to appear busy and not too needy of a girlfriend, keep it under two dates and just make sure the dates are quality. If you hang out more than that, make sure the dates are official and the other times are more lax. Balance is key before jumping into exclusivity.

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