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The 10 “Best” NC-17 Films of All-Time


Sometimes, even Hollywood has to check itself for being too racy or steamy. The MPAA replaced the X-rating with NC-17 (No One 17 and Under Admitted) in 1990 for this reason. With a Rated R movie, you can get into the theaters with your parents or the homeless guy you paid $10 – not so with an NC-17 movie. If you were too young to see these films when they were released in theatres, I’ve got some homework for you. They’re not only really good, but ‘visually stimulating.’ Check out our list below.

Honorable Mentions:

Requiem for a Dream (2000): If this movie had been released in theatres originally under NC-17, you better believe it would have made the list.
Orgazmo (1997): Trey Parker has been making fun of Mormons way before his new musical “Book of Mormon.”
Bad Lieutenant (1992): Harvey Keitel is bad-*ss, especially when he plays a cop.
Man Bites Dog (1992) : I’ve never seen this movie before, but it “documents” a serial killer doing what he does best (worst?).

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