Tony Hawk’s Hilarious Stuntman Show Won’t <em>Crash and Burn</em> Thanks To Sexy Jes Macallan [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Here’s a preview for possibly the funniest show about stuntmen ever made (if it does get made). As of now, the show hasn’t been picked up but I can almost guarantee it will. Here’s it recipe for success: Produced by Tony Hawk (may or may not be a good thing), stars Lee Majors (Million Dollar Man), and the 40 Year Old Virgin Indian guy who loves talking about rusty trombones (not the one who murdered his wife). Oh, and the super sexy jump-starting stuntwoman Jes Macallan. Do yourself a favor and get a heads-up on the show that is guaranteed to blow up with this sneak peek trailer and hot pics of Jes below.

SOURCE: Youtube via Devour

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