COED’s Electric Zoo Party Animal Preview [PHOTOS, VIDEO, SCHEDULE]

The tickets have come, the schedule is out, and your dealer is running out of ‘party favors’ – all signs pointing to Electric Zoo knocking at your door. This year is the first time the festival is going three days and if you don’t know how to pace yourself, you’re going to miss out on the ridiculousness that is “EZ”. Check out our can’t miss acts, a schedule of who we’re going to see, and some tips to help you survive the weekend below (note: sore feet and ringing ears are a given and can’t be helped).

Can’t Miss Acts

No matter how much ‘research’ you do before hand, it’s impossible to know what DJs are going to throw down the sickest sets. For my money, two years ago it Steve Aoki followed the next year by Laidback Luke. I’m not going to even hazard a guess for who’s going to make my ears bleed the best, but if you make it a point to go see these next DJs, you won’t leave Randall’s Island disappointed.

Other Acts We’ll Probably Catch

Markus Schultz | Hilltop Arena | FRI 5:15 – I saw his set last year and it was probably the second or third best that I saw. Totally surprised b/c he’s not my cup of tea.

PlastikMan | Hilltop Arena | FRI 9:40 – I have no idea what this is going to be like, but apparently Richie Hawtin is bringing festival music to another interactive level.

• Guti | Sunday School Grove | SAT 12:20 – The only reason I wouldn’t go is if I’m not on the island on time. This guy is really blowing up.

Calvin Harris | Main Stage | SUN 3:45 – Right after Excision and Datsik are over I’m running my wobbly legs over here. Some of my favorite bangers are by this Scotsman.

Big Acts You Can’t Avoid

Skrillex | Red Bull Riverside | SAT 5:15 – I feel like I’m taking crazy pills because I’m the only one who’s not obsessed with Skrilly. It will be crazy though.

David Guetta | Main Stage | SAT 7:30 – The person I’m going with made me promise to take him. The sacrifices we make.

• Rusko | Main Stage | FRI 4:50 – I’ve seen him before and he’s pretty good. Ok, he’s better than good. I just sometimes can’t stand the atmosphere he brings.

Tips from a Festival Veteran (Not a Pro)

This applies to you especially if you’re going all three days. This sh*t is a turtle race, people. If you burn yourself out early, the rest of the shows won’t be nearly as fun.

Bring a small backpack. I’m not sure as to the actual rules that they’re enforcing, but I’ve always brought a little bag to the shows I’ve been to. In it, put hand sanitizer, baby wipes (yup), and anything else you might want.

Try not to eat greasy foods. Unless you bring the baby wipes and sanitizer (then all bets are off).

Hydrate. This doesn’t mean you have to buy the $5 waters, you can buy two and fill them up at the fountains. The key is having two bottles, though.

There are places to sit. Find them and use them.

When you get home, shower and clean out your ears and nostrils. You’ll thank me for this one.

Stick together, especially if you’re bringing some party favors. Even if your friend is being a real debbie downer, you wouldn’t want them to leave you.

Leaving the island is going to suck balls. I have no advice for this, because the only thing would be to leave early. Not comfortable endorsing that.



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