We Got Our Slappers On Goldeneye 007: Reloaded [PREVIEW]

The other day COED received an invite from Activision to preview its upcoming release, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded. Hearing the name GoldenEye should send shivers up any true video gamer’s spine because it brings us back to a better time… a time when the hardest decisions to make were whether to play Pistols, License to Kill, Stacks or Grenade Launchers, Normal, Temple. Join us as we give the new Goldeneye a shot.

I headed to the preview feeling excited and optimistic about the chance to see the new direction the Bond franchise was heading. I was not the least bit disappointed. Our ‘tour guide’ was one of the executive producers of the game and he walked us through the ideas and the game-play of Goldeneye 007: Reloaded: both incredible. Quickly for those who didn’t know, Reloaded was released last year exclusively on the Wii; the idea being that the connection to the original N64 game would bring back classic Nintendo fans. Since the game was pretty popular amongst Wii gamers, developers decided to update the game and release it on PS3 and XBox 360.

Minus the much-needed visual update, the gameplay from the Wii is pretty much the same. Reloaded runs 60 frames per second giving you an incredible visual experience. Depending on how you want to play, Reloaded will adjust to you. If you want to go in quietly, the enemies will only react if something alarms them. If you’re trying to flex that double-0 license, then prepare for some serious gunplay.

The developers made an awesome play when they signed Daniel Craig to get on board with the project. In keeping with their mission of completely renovating an older title, they gave us the new Bond instead of Pierce Brosnan. Apparently, Daniel Craig was really picky during the facial ‘construction phase’ because he wanted it to look exact. Additionally, Ben Cooke (Daniel Craig’s stunt double in all of his movies) performed all the melees and actions that the characters would be using – so it really looks like a new Bond flick.

The story stays true to the original GoldenEye, but it brings in a modern spin so nothing feels dated or old at all. For PS3 gamers, it will be playable with the Sharp Shooter if you have the PS Move. Playing the game with Sharp Shooter was real sick…think back to playing Duck Hunt, except now it’s James Bond and it really feels like you are shooting the enemies. If you have PS Move, I highly recommend picking up Sharp Shooter for this game.

Right now the multiplayer details are pretty hush-hush, but from what we have heard we can tell you that things are going to be awesome. For starters, paintball mode will be back. I’m really looking forward to the M16 Ops Game mode, though. These are mini-missions all with various objectives, similar to those seen in Call Of Duty: MW2. Whether you’re protecting something for a certain amount of time or killing a select number of enemies, these missions will really add to the re-playability of the game. You can also add modifiers to these missions, like paintball, Golden Gun, ragdoll etc. to increase your scores to compete with others worldwide. These new ideas and spins to the storied Bond franchise only add to its draw.

If you are a Bond fan, then this game is a must have. Even if you are a not a big Bond fan, you will enjoy this game. It is an awesome first person shooter and the multi-player mode promises to be a lot of fun, both locally and online. The game comes out this Fall so be sure to check it out.



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