How To Pick Up A Shot Girl: Part One [PLUS 57 PHOTOS]

It started like all great romances: it was Christmas time, our eyes met across a crowded bar, and she was wearing a Mrs. Claus outfit from Anne Summers. “That one,” I whispered to my client who’d come to me to learn how to pick up hot girls. That December we were specifically practicing getting shot girls.

Gesturing the pneumatic blonde girl over, she slid down next to us. Total 10. Amazing natural breasts, “I’ll demo to you just how you get their number…” I whispered before turning back to the Shot Girl.

Staring at her beautiful lips, that tongue stud, and her cute outfit, I felt my heart pound. She was hot but if I told her that straight off the bat I’d get blown off – just like all the guys that must have been hitting on her. Instead I decided to see if I could find something else out about her, something related to who she was (not what she was dressed up as) to make her heart beat faster, too:

“You must be quite a good hustler to work in a bar like this, I’d imagine it takes some skill to trick all these guys out of their hard-earned cash,” I said, signalling that I wasn’t your average consumer.

“Yeah, sometimes I even have to pretend to flirt with them, and take a shot myself, to keep them buying from me,” she smiled, rolling her eyes.

“You’re kind of a mercenary; I like that about you. I also do a job that’s a little to do with sales, seduction and knowing how to get people exactly where you want them.”

“What do you do?”

I pulled away, “I don’t know if I know you well enough to trust you with that one yet: but let me get your number, we’ll grab a coffee sometime, and we’ll swap trade secrets.”

“I can’t really give that out at work, my boss…”

“That’s cool. You just say the number, I’ll type it in.”

“Ok, 077-8924.”

“Another time,” I said gently squeezing her arm before I sent her back to her work.

Now this is the message I’m going to send to her tomorrow, I said showing my client my phone:
Hey Sarah, how did your manipulation of men go last night? You should have sold heaps of shots, you looked pretty hot in red. Hayley Quinn X

Explaining my choice of words, I told him “Because I’m a girl I need to make it crystal clear to this other girl that I want her as a hot hook up, not just a friend. Teasing also goes a long way to show that you’re not intimidated by these girl’s beauty and that you can handle whatever they can throw at you.”

Pulling some mistletoe from the bar’s decorations, I put it in my client’s breast pocket, “Now it’s your turn tiger, make me proud…”

Next time learn how Hayley Quinn got the Shot Girl out of the bar, onto a date, and out of her Santa Claus costume…

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