How To Hook Up With The 4 Major Types Of Women

Try to chat up a ballsy, alpha female with some lines you stole from ‘The Notebook’ and she’ll shove your dozen roses right down your throat. Tease a shy girl about how her nose wiggles when she talks, and she’ll cry uncontrollably. To be a great pick up artist you need calibration: picking the right tool for the right situation. Every person is unique: yet there are four broad categories of characters you’re likely to encounter on a regular basis. Each has a code and I’m here to help you crack it. Check out my helpful how to guide below.

The Ring Leader

Most likely to be seen: At the center of her social circle, bossing her friends around, defending them from guys that would hit on them (that’s you!), and ruling the roost. She’s the boss and she knows it.

How to seduce her: Watch out for displaying any signs of weakness: she is strong, and won’t fully respect a guy who is unwilling to challenge her. Just comply and you’ll be able to stick around, but never stick it… err. Women like men who agree with them partly, but also who aren’t afraid of voicing their own opinions. However, the last thing you want to be drawn into is a full blown argument: this girl is emotionally volatile and whilst a bit of fire is going to be a turn-on for her, a man who loses his rag, won’t. Instead ‘win’ your battles with her by never justifying your own opinions. If she challenges you as to why you like Call of Duty, don’t get emotional about it, just simply state, ‘I think it’s cool, I like computer games, no big deal.’ However, when she tells you about things that she’s into, selectively disagree by making her elaborate on it, “So what exactly is it about a film where a girl is in a love triangle with a werewolf and a vampire that you find so compelling? Seems to suspend belief to me.” Expect her to bite back, but enjoy the debate, and a man that can keep her on her toes.

The Cheerleader

Most likely to be seen: Super social, always laughing, surrounded by a group of loyal friends: some she has known 15 years, others 5 minutes.

How to seduce her: The cheerleader is full of life and energy; the last thing she wants is someone to drag her down, or prevent her inner dynamo from having as many adventures as possible. Approach her with too low energy, fail to vibe with her friends, and you’ll never be able to roll with her crew. So make sure whether it’s a street stop, or bowling up to her at a nightclub, you approach with enthusiasm, passion and a mega watt smile. Try matching their energy levels: if they’re all bouncing around on the dance floor be prepared to do your best Usher impression and mirror their dance moves, but with extra panache. You can go right up to her, but don’t ignore her friends. Be direct with her then ask her who she’s here with; then make it your mission to network and integrate with the group. Make eye contact, use touch, and your most compelling anecdotes to entertain the group as a whole. Add some va-va-voom to their evening, take their energy levels even higher, then she’ll be ready to leave with you one on one.

The Bookworm

Most likely to be seen: Actually more likely to be found in the computer lab than the library these days the bookworm is quiet, analytical and not overly impressed by card tricks, twirls or any other ‘silly’ gambits that would make her serious bff’s squirm.

How to seduce her: The polar opposite to the cheerleader this is one girl who won’t appreciate you disrupting the order and serious Zen of her universe with anything to clichéd, hapless or even humorous. If you want to make her laugh channel black comedies and not slapstick. Naturally a little aloof she doesn’t feel a huge need to make new buddies so being friendly isn’t going to fly either. Open observationally, calmly and be James Bond cool. Don’t drop in meaningless jokes, instead be low energy and musing. Don’t fear pauses and match her investment / interest levels (probably low) by mirroring her body language. A succession of short sets will probably feel more comfortable than one long one, as you may need to plough to get onto her favourite topic (Nine Inch Nails, cellular biology or postmodern literature you take your pick). Once you’ve hooked her by showing that you too can be calm, cultured and not in the slightest melodramatic (again put those flowers away) impress her with a logistically well thought out date plan, and for god’s sake be punctual!

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The Hippie

Most likely to be seen: Talking about vibes, energy, karma, the universe or horoscopes, the hippy can be an outsider or a socializer. Either way, you can be guaranteed that she’ll think everyone she’s met in her life is through her bff destiny.

How to seduce her: The second she turns, doe eyed, to ask, ‘what sign are you?’ you know you’re on the home run, as she searches for providential reasons that brought you together. Now your only mission is to supply them. Root around for commonalities (ones based on experiences and feeling always rank higher than musical preferences) and then deliver them as if you’d just had an epiphany:

“Really? That’s so strange because I always felt that I was going to meet someone significant on a bus, too. I just can’t explain it, but there was just a vibe about you, that made me need to speak to you. It’s funny how we feel exactly the same way about that isn’t it? So unusual.”

PS – ‘Vibe’ is a loose word that can be used to define why you approached. Great for masking the fact that it was because she was rocking a fabulously see-through blouse, or that you were just super bored, it makes all pretenses for approaching sound stellar.

Start recognizing that one form of game isn’t universal; pick the right lines for the right girl, and your results will soar.

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