The 30 Emerging Hotties of 2012 [PHOTOS]

It’s been a while since we released our list of up-and-coming starlets in the making aka “Emerging Hotties“. In fact, you’d have to go all the way back to 2007, which is like the 1970s in internet years. Back then, we picked Blake Lively, Summer Glau, Adrianne Palicki, AnnaLynne McCord, Odette Yustman, and Emily Blunt as the sexy chicks to keep an eye on in 2008. Looks like we were pretty spot on. Now, we’re bringing Emerging Hotties back with a whole new crop of cuties who are destined to occupy headlines, news feeds, and “fantasy files” in 2012. These young ladies are ready for flashing lights, first class flights, and VIP nights. Check out our stone cold locks then vote for the girl you think will dominate the year of the apocalypse at the bottom of the page.

Alex Morgan: While her US National Soccer Team didn’t quite win the big game, the upside is that the whole country now knows this chick. Alex was the youngest player on the USA roster and now plays for the Western New York Flash. With Abby Wambach now taking a backseat because of her age, it’s safe to say that the US is in good hands (or feet).

Ali Lohan: This Lohan is going the distance because she doesn’t want to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Not that it didn’t work for Lindsay (because we love her), but Ali has chosen to go the legitimate modeling route. She just signed a long-term contract with NEXT, one of the premiere modeling agencies. She’ll be the next Lohan to hit it big, for sure.

Ashley Benson: I didn’t know this until recently either, but the break-out show on ABC Family is Pretty Little Liars, a program Ashley has the leading role in. There’s no official word yet on what the starlet has in the works after the series, but the mystery-star now has everyone’s attention. What she does next with it is up to her.

Ashley Salazar: If we didn’t put Ashley on this list, she told us she’d beat the sh*t out of us. She’s right though, posting her 12 I <3 COED pics earlier isn’t enough. This firery female isn’t only an MMA Ring Girl, but also an amateur fighter as well. Kyle Sanders of gave us the thumbs up, saying that she is the next big thing in MMA. Keep an eye on this one, not only because she’s hot but because her jab’s pretty quick. Chick’s a knockout.

Brenda Song: Remember that annoying and psychotic girlfriend from The Social Network? Of course you do, which is why Brenda’s going to blow the f*ck up. She just finished a hip-hop generation remake of A West Side Story called Boogie Town. Considering that the movie contains copious dance scenes, I’m hoping I get to see this sexy asian shaking her thing.

Brie Larsen: She is a rising recording artist, but more than likely you know Brie from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. She played Scott’s ex-girlfriend Envy. Now, though, she’s moving beyond Michael Cera and onto the criminal youth. She plays a role in the upcoming film 21 Jump Street alongside Johnny Depp and Channing Tatum. The film’s going to be hugeWhile her US National Soccer Team didn’t quite win the big game, the upside is that the whole country now knows this chick. Alex was the youngest player on the USA roster and now plays for the Western New York Flash. With Abby Wambach now taking a backseat because of her age, it’s safe to say that the US is in good hands (or feet).

Brit Marling: Switching it up a bit on the list, here’s an emerging hottie who is just as comfortable behind the camera as she is in front of it. Brit is a rising triple-threat (producer, director, actor) who graduated from Georgetown in 2005 and went on to co-write two films that were featured in the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Hollywood can always use more hot chicks working in film.

Corissa Furr: Corissa’s pretty much everywhere you look now, including Miss COED. She was seen with Eminem on Entourage, on Spike’s ManSwers, and as Strikeforce’s Knockout Ring Girl. Where she goes next is anyone’s guess, but likely you won’t have to wait very long to find out.

Danielle Kn: No one knows anything about this girl except that it’s a race to make her theirs. Seriously, Google shows nothing except maybe the hottest swimsuit photoshoot your eyes will ever see. She gets a 10, and no one, no one, gets a 10.

 Dilshad Vadsaria: Don’t judge a hottie by her name, Dilshad is sure to catch your attention. Her breakout role was in Greek, the ABC Family show. There, she plays a wealthy Senator’s daughter who balls out on campus and gets wild. If you’re not too keen on being caught watching ABC Family, maybe you can catch her in the flick 30 Minutes or Less.

Ellie Goulding: This English singer/songwriter released her album Lights in 2010 which reached #1 on UK Billboard charts. She’s since been on tour performing hits like “Starry Eyed,” “Guns and Horses,” and “the Writer.” If you haven’t heard of this girl by name, I can guarantee you’ve heard her voice somewhere. Remember her cute face now though, because next year she’s going to get even bigger.

Felicity Jones: This past Sundance, people couldn’t keep Felicity’s name out of their mouth and now I can see why. She won a Special Jury Prize (Dramatic) for her role in Like Crazy. I look forward to seeing her in Hysteria though, that’s the movie about the invention of the vibrator.

Frances Bean Cobain: You’ve already heard of this girl because her parents were possibly the most famous rock-and-roll couple of all time: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. A great way to feel old is to look at the grown-up daughter you probably remember them having. Having just turned 18, Frances just modeled for a Hedi Slimane photoshoot and it’s safe to say that she looks like she knows what she’s doing. She’s already famous, now she’s an emerging hottie.

Genesis Rodriguez: While she was first seen in the States on Entourage as one of Turtle’s ‘Driver Girls’, Genesis is making her American big-screen debut next year with Sam Worthington. Holy smokes this girl is a smoke. When you see Man on a Ledge, you’ll want Sam Worthington to actually jump just so that the camera can focus on her more.

Jessica Perez: Last May, we announced that the Costa Rican Jessica Perez had won SI’s model search. Since then, she’s worked with Victoria’s Secret, Cosmopolitan, and numerous other high-end publications. Judging by the tear that she’s on now, it’s safe to say that Jessica will only keep going.

Juno Temple: I first caught sight of Juno in the comedy Year One alongside Jack Black and Michael Cera. Since then, she’s finished filming a 3D film adaptation of The Three Musketeers and is soon to appear in everyone’s hotly-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. I’m personally looking forward to Dirty Girl, where she plays a super sexed-up Danielle, too much so for her small town.

Kaya Scoledario: Kaya stepped into a pretty epic role when she landed the role of Effy Stonem on the British series Skins with no previous acting experience. Now that the show is over for her, though, Kaya has been working hard on her film career. 2012 sees her working on four films, all of which are great excuses to watch her.

Lily Collins: Lily graduated from USC, studying Broadcast Journalism, and started her career in entertainment by inking a deal with Nickelodeon as a roving entertainment correspondent. From there she starred in a little movie called The Blind Side which officially brought her out from under the shadow of her famous father Phil.  Now she is starring is  Snow White and will be a huge star in 2012.

Maryeve Dufault: Move over Danica, there’s a new, hotter racer in town and her name is Maryeve. She’s been driving motorcycles and cars for some time now, but caught national attention when she won a Hawaiian Tropics modeling contest. Since then, she’s been tearing up the tracks and our hearts behind the wheel of NASCAR.

Maryna Linchuk: Maryna isn’t new to the modeling game by any means, she’s done Victoria’s Secret, D&G, Ralph Lauren, etc. The reason this Belarusian is on this list is because somehow people still don’t know who she is. It’s only a matter of time before she gets the recognition she deserves, and our money is that this is her year.

Meghan Markle: Having already made appearances on General Hospital, Knight Rider, and 90210 (among other things), Meghan stepped her game up by appearing as the recurring model carrying case #24 on Deal or No Deal. She quit the show after realizing that she is hot as hell and moved onto films like Get Him to the Greek and Horrible Bosses. You can see her now on Suits, where she plays an attractive paralegal. Yes, Meghan, you will need to stay late tonight.

Mircea Monroe: This American blonde actress has been on tons of TV show appearances, but only recently has found roles more suitable for her. She’s in The Change Up and has a recurring character on USA’s Franklin and Bash. It’s clear that the girl has paid her dues and is now looking for better roles. I’m guessing they’re going to come to her.

Olga Fonda: This Russian has come a long way since being born above the Arctic Circle. After having appearances on Nip/Tuck, Ugly Betty, and Entourage, Olga is now going to be on the silver screen in Real Steel with Hugh Jackman where she plays a wealthy Russian boxing-robot owner. We know she’s about to blow up though because she’s playing a supporting role in Breaking Dawn. Olga’s new career is just beginning

Riley Keough: Don’t let the fact that Riley is Elvis Presley’s granddaughter fool you. She has made it in the biz all on her own modeling since she was 14, and starring in The Runaways, and The Good Doctor. Instead of acting alongside two other actresses, though, she’s the lone female lead in the upcoming Kiss of the Damned vampire flick. Look for her to suck or get sucked sometime next year.

Shannan Click: I figure you can only be in so many Victoria’s Secret Shows in a row before you become well-known. Considering that she’s been in the last three, I figure that this year has to be hers. Yes, she’s done some big gigs already, but she’s not a house-hold name. Yet.

Tamiris Freitas: Tamiris Freitas is a Brazilian model coming off of a hot year in 2010. She was a SI Swimsuit model for the first time ever, then modeled for Armani Exchange, GQ, Glamour, and Vogue shoots. All that’s really needed for her to get bigger is you remembering her name so you can Google Image search with the lights off…

Tamsin Egerton: Tamsin jumped around a few made-for-television movies until she landed the Camelot series where she plays Guinevere. IMDB doesn’t list any of her upcoming projects, but it should be noted that this girl is straight up gorgeous. A sexy Brit can always go far in Hollywood. This Made Marion should be on your radar.

Teresa Palmer: Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, Teresa got her first gig in American films with the Grudge 2 with Sarah Michelle Gellar. Since taking Sarah’s spotlight, she’s been in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and I Am Number 4 – movies I’m sure you’ve heard of but never saw. If you really want to catch a glimpse of this beauty and can’t wait for Track Town (her next upcoming flick), check out Restraint. You’ll be glad you did.

Victoria Justice: If you haven’t heard of Victoria, it’s likely because she turned 18 this year and is mainly associated with Nickelodeon. She’s got her own show Victorious right now, but I feel like she can only be on Nick for so long. Hopefully, the now grown-up actress joins a show we can all watch without feeling somewhat dirty.

Zoë Kravitz: The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonnet (Bill Cosby’s daughter in The Cosby Show) has started creating some buzz of her own. Already 20, Zoe had a recurring role on Californication and co-starred in X-Men: First Class as Angel Salvadore. If you need any more proof that she’s going to be a star, wait until 2012 when she films Fury Road, the sequel to Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.

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