Wrap It Up: Kate Upton Goes Green Acres For Complex Edition

Kate’s really milking this “hot girl with awesome boobs” thing for all its worth, huh?

Randy Moss retired. New catchphrase is “straight government checks, homey!”

Brandon Marshall has borderline personality disorder.

MTV turned 30 today. Here are the first 5 videos that played on the network and 10 worst music videos of all-time.

Kings of Leon cancelled their US tour because of “exhaustion”. Alright there, Lohan.

You’ve seen the Lingerie Football League, but what about the Lingerie Basketball League?

Greco-Roman goes WWF. Sick move, dude…

Meanwhile, every dork’s wet dream Olivia Munn showed off her bikini.

Here are the 50 most badass baseball players of all time.

A man was found biking downtown with axe, covered in blood.

I wonder if he was riding this bicycle of the future which you can shift gears using just brain waves. SCIENCE!

Probably not safe to ride drunk. If you are, just let your 8 year old son handle that.

There’s now Cosmo for Guys. Hear that? That’s me barfing out of both ends.

Chicks are begging sugar daddies to pay off their student loan debt.

Peace out, bitches! We’re off to go bearding with sharks in space.

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