The 9 Most Frat-tastic Beers [POLL]

Here’s a quick frat math tutor session for you kiddies out there: since beer = college, and frat = college, frat = beer. Simple enough, right? You’d think so, but sometimes people bring un-fratty beers into a party. These people are thrown out. Bringing Mike’s Hard Lemonade? Sororities hand out bids next semester, dude. Bud Light? How’d I guess that you’re just visiting your sister who’s still in college? Only the manliest of beers can make it past the moat of pledges / door-b*tches. These are the chosen few.

Note: Don’t even bring that PBR sh*t into my house. Hipsters in NYC drink that. Leather boots and bangs ≠ frat. Polos and flip flops = frat.

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