How To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal Indoors [TECH]

Cell reception sucks, which really sucks since landlines have gone the way of the dinosaur and the masses now depend on cells for their primary means of communication. Most bizarre of all is that cell phones seem to work better when outside. I’m lucky if I can get even 1 bar in my living room, not to mention when I turn a corner in the hall or go into a closet. So of my two options — one being to hijack a cellular tower and move it next door — zBoost Metro seems more doable. Sure it may sound like an energy drink, but what it is makes sense: it takes the cellular signal from outside and broadcasts it inside where it’s needed.

Now the idea of a smartphone is that you don’t have to read through manuals and study algorithms to get your rocks off. So, zBoost needs to be just as simple to use. Fortunately, it is; you take the hardback book-sized antenna and go stand by a window where you get decent reception. Once you’ve found the sweet spot, pop a suction cup on the top of the antenna, add some moisture and smoosh it against the window. Since it’s inside, there’s no weather crap to worry about.

Now you screw in the antenna then the 40 foot mini-coaxial cable, which is included, and run the cable over to a bookshelf or some other surface that’s as high as you can get in an area that’s roughly around the center of your place. This is where you put the broadcast unit. Then you plug the power cord into an outlet and wait until the green light goes on and stays on.

Am I paying any subscription fees for the zBoost? No. Do I have to adjust any settings on the iPhone? No. Do I wish I had this a long, long time ago instead of daydreaming about crunching AT&T suit heads every time I lost a call? Damn right!


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