The One Secret to Making a Stripper Want You and Not Your Wallet

You know that you want her: problem is, you think she’s only into you for your money. She leans in, letting you gaze down her push-up bra “Do you think I’m sexy?” she purrs. “Yeah…” you mumble back. “Then I think it’s time you buy a dance, baby…”

You get 3 minutes of her hot body gyrating up against you: and she gets your last $20. Skipping off to see another chump, you wonder how you’d ever get some proper one-on-one time with that ass… without having to pay by the minute. If you’re crazy about strippers but have no idea how to talk to them, you’ll need to up your stripper game: fast. Strippers behave like turbo-charged hot babes because you pay their rent. Wandering into the Spearmint Rhino on a Friday night is a guaranteed way to get played. Having said that, there is one simple trick to standing out from every other guy out there.

Don’t agree with her. This is subtler and harder than you might think.

I’m not talking about having a full-scale row with her about sub prime markets, or being rude about her fake tan. I’m talking about gently asserting your opinion, instead of just agreeing with hers, so that you are in control. Strippers are, after all, trying to control you by making you buy a dance. Apart from splurging your first semester’s funds on dirty dances. Here are some other ways you may lose control, and your game, with a stripper:

Stripper: “Do you think I look sexy in my stockings?”

You: “Yes very!”

Fail! Stop staring at her legs! It’s so much better to gently assert your opinion here and give her a response she doesn’t expect.

Stripper: “Do you think I look sexy in my stockings?”

“Yes, but I’ve always preferred fishnets.” 

Suddenly you’re not sounding bowled over by her looks; because you’re surrounded by sexy women all the time, right?

Ok here’s another example of how you can unexpectedly comply, letting her run the show, and sizing up your wallet:

Stripper: “Can you guess what state I’m from originally?”

You: “I don’t know… err… Minnesota?”

Now you’re playing her game, literally… one that can go on for fifty guesses and that generally makes you look like a jerk. Next time a stripper tries to make you play her game, make sure you set the rules. This will show how you’re not a push over and are there to speak to her as an equal, not a target.

Stripper: “Can you guess what state I’m from originally?”

You: “Sure. But if I get it right in three guesses I’m getting a free dance.”

By not giving her the responses she wants, or expects, you automatically separate yourself from 90% of the guys that stroll into the strip club. Not looking like your average Joe is what helps to create the attraction.

She will like you more if:
• You let her know she’s not on a pedestal because of her looks
• You’re confident enough to assert your own opinion
• You don’t always agree with her
• You show your masculine enough to not give in to all her games

Forget this and you’re just another guy that she can game. Remember to disagree with her and she’ll respect you for a lot more than your wallet.

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Fact: Hot Babes Love COED
Fact: Hot Babes Love COED
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