Fact: Hot Babes Love COED

If you follow @COEDmagazine or @COEDintern of Twitter you’ve probably noticed how beautiful women from all over the globe have been sending us “I <3 COED” photos. We had a good run the last week so it’s time for a compilation.

@BerlinScott loves COED and COED loves @BerlinScott. We tried to pull together some of her sexiest mobile uploads for a blow out feature but she uses Lockerz.com which is incapable of staying online for more than 5 minutes at a time. Good thing we saved this picture before the site went offline. If we can ever access her Lockerz.com account again believe me, she will have a massive feature story coming your way because Berlin is one of the sexiest Playboy Bunnies to come around in a while.

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@TammyJeanBQ doesn’t like wearing clothes. It’s as simple as that and if you don’t believe me just check out her mobile uploads (NSFW). So when she Tweeted this “I <3 COED” picture to @COEDIntern, I knew it would be a winner.

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Nicole Berg is a bubblicious model based out of New York who wants to be in Playboy magazine. Judging from the pictures she sent over that shouldn’t be a problem, all she needs to do now is get noticed. Enter: us.

You’ve seen Nicole Craner in Maxim, FHM, Extreme Fighter Magazine Centerfold and as a former Strikeforce Ring Girl. Nicole Tweeted this picture to us and she has many other gems right here. Make sure you follow along to see the daily goodness.

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