Wrap It Up: Apple Has More Cash Than The US Government Edition

That’s right. Apple’s got more dough than Uncle Sam. How about a bail out, Jobs?

Go f*ck yourself, Soulja Boy.

Pat McAfee kicked a 75 yard field goal…

Louis CK killed it on Letterman.

Kylie Johnson is hot. So are Korina Bliss and Teresa Moore.

Lady Gaga looks pretty hot.

Toni Kukoc was allegedly involved in a prostitution ring.

Hustler offered Casey Anthony $500,000 to do a nude spread.

An Olso, Norway bomb victim had a foot long spike lodged in her head for 5 days without knowing it.

Some dude found a bloody band-aid on his pizza.

A mixed race woman will marry a white supremacist on Hilter’s bday.

Meet Hitler cat, the world’s most beautiful cow.

Montreal wants baseball again.

Is “The Smurfs” the most pro-gay movie of the year?

(via Total Pro Sports)

Peace out, bitches!

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