Wrap It Up: Black and Jewish Edition

‘Bridesmaids’ Kali Hawk & ‘Vampire Diaries’ Katerina Graham (neither name rings a bell) pay homage to Black & Jewish celebs in a new Funny or Die video that spoofs Wiz Khalifa‘s “Black and Yellow”.
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Tiger Woods dumped his longtime caddy and “friend” Steve Williams.

Marilyn Monroe had a sex tape. She was apparently underage when filming. It’s now up for auction. Starting price is $500,000.

Yao Ming retired so the Taiwanese animation dudes created this lil’ diddy…
Ja Rule’s going to jail for 28 months for tax evasion.

Here’s the video interview everyone’s been waiting for – Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden. Prepare to feel really weird in a bad way…
You are so dumb. Really really dumb…
Former Cubs and Phillies outfielder threw out the first pitch before a Cubs game and proved why he wasn’t a pitcher. Nice toss, Doug.

Diamondbacks SS Stephen Drew broke his ankle while sliding.

Jordan, Bird, and Magic will each cover NBA 2k12.

10 college football teams will be getting new uniforms in 2011.

Bills WR Steve Johnson ate ass on his birthday.

How much do you think it cost this billionaire sheikh to carve his name in the sand so big and deep you can see it from space?

Animals cost more than people?

Not if you’re Conan. Anyone who has a museum of art dedicated to him must be worth a ton. How does it look?
Megan Fox looks good in Elle China.

Audrina Patridge looks good topless in “Bongo”.

Porn star Sasha Grey will be in Saints Row: The Third.

College students are into sexting. SHOCKER!

Anything under 10% alcohol by volume in Russia was NOT considered alcoholic until today.

God has a 52% approval rating.

New posters for The Avengers movie hit the webbernauts.

The new music video for Pusha T’s “Trouble On My Mind” features Tyler The Creator and it’s boss…
Paranormal Activity 3? Yep, Paranormal Activity 3…

Peace out, bitches! We’re off to Camp Playboy!

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Real Life Angry Birds Played On The Streets of Spain [VIDEO]
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