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Kristina and Karissa Shannon’s 95 Sexiest Facebook Photos and TwitPics [PHOTOS]


The Shannon Twins are bad news bears. They’re the embodiment of pure temptation. The way they look, speak, walk, bathe, you name it, they’re doing it in the naughtiest way conceivable. And, they’re not even 22 yet. Amazing. You know you’re bad girl material when you release a sex tape (NSFW) and no one bats an eye and you get kicked out of the Playboy Mansion (only to be invited back to heal a broken heart). While weeding through all the tweets about the Women’s World Cup this weekend, we stumbled upon some of Kristina’s twitpics in which she was doing body shots. It’s safe to say we’d love to party with the badass blondes, but we’re not sure we’ll make it out alive. Check out their sexiest Facebook photos and twitpics after the jump.

  • COED Writer