Wrap It Up: Carmageddon Edition

Because the 405 is closed July 16th & 17th and everyone in L.A. owns a car, they’re calling this weekend “carmageddon“. What will / does it look like? Probably like this…

(via Buzzfeed)

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are splitting up. Rumor has it Hispanic Buscemi had issues with her chest tissue (read: boobs).

We have no problems with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s boobs. She recently showed them off for a lingerie company in these pics.

Ochocinco calls out all the DBs for not wanting to play with him…

(via Smoking Section)

Jose Reyes might be league MVP this year. He might also win a Grammy…

(via Barstool Sports)

Jerry Seinfeld is on Twitter, which celebrated its 5th birthday on July 15th.

Who’s that poppin’ his head out of Christina Hendricks t*tties?

Kelly Brook’s t*tties were on full display in a bikini.

SlutWalk’s coming to Philly.

We’re right there with ya, hos! Uh, we mean, ladies. We completely advocate girls expressing themselves sexually like Annalynne McCord did with her sister.

If you lose your penis, you can make a new one with your thigh.

The BangBus guys were arrested for animal cruelty. May or may not be what you think.

McDonald’s Playlands are absolutely disgusting.

These are the worst dressed cities in America.

This is the photobomb of the summer…

This is the most awkward interviewer ever…

You’ve seen planking, coning, and owling. Now there’s toothpicking.

The NFL Lockout could be over in the next 24 hours.

It’ll take longer than that for Cam Newton fans to forgive Nick Saban’s daughter. She tweeted that she hates Cam’s face. Ouch.

Flying cars are now legal.

A Colorado woman went “tit for tat” with the TSA.

We’ve heard of legging out a triple, but tumbling a triple?

Peace out, bitches!

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