Walk All Over Georgio, The Human Carpet [INTERVIEW]

Meet my friend Georgio, the human carpet. Yes, that is correct. He is a carpet and he loves to be walked all over; in the physical sense, that is. I heard of Georgio last year and had to talk to him about what he does and why he does it. He is my new carpet friend and wants you to step on him. Finally, someone I can dig my heels into without getting yelled at. You can follow Georgio and receive updates about his events on his Facebook page. Make sure you catch him at this next “performance” to take a ride on his carpet.

COED:  So, I’m confused. What exactly do you do?

Georgio: I dress (wrap) myself up in a carpet, post a “Step on (Georgio) Carpet” sign, and lie on the floor. People stand, walk, and dance on top of me. It is crazy fun and parties and clubs hire me to do this.

COED: How did you decide to become this “human carpet” and do you actually get enjoyment out of it?

Georgio: Ever since I was a child I always liked weights, especially people, on me. I started having my friends walk on me at private parties, and then decided it would be far more interesting to go public while dressed in a carpet. I always have and always will enjoy being stepped all over!

COED: Has anyone famous ever stepped on you?

Georgio: Absolutely! Lady Gaga (in her private time), Jay Thomas (satellite radio), as well as several models and local NYC entertainment/media figures.

COED: What kinds of places have you been hired to be a human carpet for?

Georgio: All sorts of different venues. From major clubs (Pacha, Rebel, Santos, Webster Hall), to smaller clubs/bars, to private loft parties and beach/pool parties.

COED: When did you realize you loved being walked all over?

Georgio: When I was very young I had would have my cats walk all over me, then my friends.

COED: Do chicks dig the fact that you are into this type of lifestyle?

Georgio: Most of the time 🙂 They seem to enjoy playing with my face.

COED: How long have you been doing this?

Georgio: I started participating in public parties about 13 years ago. Private parties long before.

COED: So it’s quite apparent you have a foot fetish. What else do you do with feet besides let them step all over you?

Georgio: Haha! Very little. I am not in a position to do much at all while in the carpet 🙂 Besides, I don’t think it is nice to touch people while they stand on me (unless to steer their feet from inadvertently stepping on my face sometimes)

COED: What do your friends and family think about what you do?

Georgio: Most of my friends are carpet enthusiasts. My family is (very) out-of-town, and I think it is better to keep them away from the carpet business.

COED: Is there anyone else out there who is also a human carpet? Are they as “legit” as you?

Georgio: Sure, there is Kevin and Arthur in New York City, Pete in Massachusetts, and Carpet Boy in Philadelphia. They all have different styles; mostly not wearing any carpet … however, all of them are good carpets!

COED: Who won’t you let walk on you?

Georgio: Really no one. Anyone is welcome to hop on the magic carpet ride

COED: Can people step wherever they want on your body? Any bodily preference?

Georgio: Wherever they want. As far as preference, I enjoy pushing limits, so if it is a cute lady, it would be nice if she stood on my face (hopefully without a stiletto going into my eye.

COED: Who is the heaviest person to ever stand on you? Do you have a preference over men or women stepping on you?

Georgio: A 410lb. man. I must admit, I prefer women. Although while at the bar, anyone can step up on the bar mat.

COED: Where do you generally “perform?”

Georgio:  All kinds of events and venues. A good portion is Goth and fetish parties. Another good portion is performance art events. Another type is birthday parties. But it is really up to the organizer. It could be any event.

COED: How can people find you and step on you, too?

Georgio: The best place is my Facebook page. Facebook.com/GeorgioCarpet. They can see which events I will be at, as well as a detailed event description.

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