Natural Bridge Caverns [Photos and Video]

We arrived at the Natural Bridge Caverns with a warm welcome from co-owner and grandson of the founder, Brad Weal. He took us on a personal tour teaching us about the hidden natural gem his grandparents were sitting on for generations. The caverns were found 50 years ago by four college students who asked permission to explore. Since then, the caverns have been preserved and kept by the Weal family.  The caverns are around 20 million years old, so on the regular tours they stress not touching anything. The coolest part is getting down and dirty on the adventure tours. One tour begins rappelling down 160 feet, through a 22 inch wide well hole. After around three minutes of your worst fear realized, the tour turns into everything you wanted. Climbing, crawling, getting dirty. Real man things. Unfortunately theres no territory claiming, because your lizard leaking could potentially run the delicate ecosystem that took two million years to create. Best to go before the four hour adventure begins. The staff is all surprisingly well knowledge about all aspects of the caverns, which is impressive for a bunch of college kids on summer break.

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