Stuntman’s Extreme Marriage Proposal: Real Or Fake? [VIDEO]

We got this email…

“This is my friend Josh asking his girlfriend Brooke to marry him – by falling off a building. It was pretty extreme, but it was great. He’s a stuntman in Los Angeles, so she probably should have expected it. I’d love to help him get the video around.”

As soon as the clip began to play, I thought, motherf*cker, here’s another fake viral video trying to pass itself off as real. Can’t wait to see which product it’s trying to subliminally hawk. But, after watching it a couple times, I think it’s legit. Sure enough, this is a fake viral video for f***ing Neuro Sport. Isn’t that odd how the label on the bottle is facing the camera? Odd how everyone at this “party” is holding a similar bottle? No one’s drinking a f***ing beer or wine or anything else? Are you serious?

Of course, anything’s better than those f***ing Kay Jewelers ads. I’ve gone through like 15 TVs because of those f***ing spots. Check out how low companies will sink to get their product noticed below then let us know if you think it’s real or fake in our poll.

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