Get 25% Off This Dank Weed Watch


Look. sometimes smoking makes us just a little bit forgetful. Sh*t happens. Unfortunately, that forgetfulness can often cut down on our smoking because we forget what time it is. See where this is going? No? That’s OK, you probably smoke a lot of pot.

Cadence has come up with a stylish solution for all you eco-friendly smokers needing a visual reminder for the magical time that is 4:20. The 4:20 water-resistant watch can take a bong spill and is easy to clean because its stainless steel. The straps either come in leather or cotton (if you’re one of those hippie pot-heads). But wait there’s more!

For those who are hazy about spending money, you can get a 4:20 watch from the company’s website at a discount. Just enter the code “COEDmag“ to take 25% off. Yeah, we take care of our own.

COED Writer
COED Writer
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