Thank You Texas!

The first leg of our trip to Texas was a great success. We drove nearly 1,000 miles in only three days and saw some truly astounding locations including 10 check-ins from all over the state. In Dallas we got extreme at the Zero Gravity Thrill Park where we bungee jumped and fell 200 feet into a net with not ropes, saw running of the Longhorns at the Ft. Worth Stockyard and became the Mayors of Cool… Cool, Texas that is. In Austin we experienced one of the Astounding natural wondered of the United States, the the Congress Hall “Bat Bridge,”  bar hopped on 6th Street, had a shopping spree at Toy Joy and experienced the best BBQ Austin has to offer at Rudy’s. We went caverneering at Natural Bridge Caverns, only he video could do it justice and had an extremely bizarre experience at The Alamo.  In Houston we crashed Mission Control at the Johnson Space Station and shook down NASA employees for this random selection of #NASAfacts and made our way over to the Beer Can House. All in all we had a pretty good run in Texas and now it is on to New Orleans.

He Said / She Said: Top 10 Signs We’re Not Interested In You
He Said / She Said: Top 10 Signs We’re Not Interested In You
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