Wrap It Up: Mark Zuckerberg Joins Google Plus Edition

Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook will announce something awesome in the next week. This comes after he joined Google Plus. Now Google is among the firms looking to buy Hulu? Someone needs to make a movie in which Facebook and Google have an epic battle. Would be 10 times better than the superhero sh*t being pumped out now.

Speakin’ of being pumped, how many dudes does a chick have to sleep with to be called a slut? Like, is the Russian women’s soccer team slutty for playing in their bikinis.

College blackouts lead to future drinking injuries? That would explain my full body cast. How am I typing? With my mind, bitch.

Speakin’ a bitches, is this the ugliest dog in the world? Are these the 15 hottest women of 2011 (so far)?

Lebron James dunked on a 12 year old. If only the Mavs were 12.

Lotta people compare ‘Bron to Jordan. To us, it’s no contest. I mean, does Lebron write sappy love letters? I think more people would be willing to buy this NBA lockout jersey than Lebron’s.

We continue down memory lane with Pam Anderson’s 1983 high school volleyball team photo. Can you pick her out? I couldn’t. (psych)

Speaking of Playmates, you’ve seen Sara Jean Underwood’s pics from the Naked Bike Ride, now here’s the video:

Here’s 10 sexy photos of Monica Apor in Maxim Brazil. And, here’s “the sexiest woman in the world” according to Germans. And, here’s Gwyneth Paltrow going topless for Vanity Fair.

I hate Philly, but The Philly Phanatic almost got a hot chick to flash the crowd.

Speaking of Philly, the f***ing Flyers signed Jaromir Jagr. Too bad their fans already sold their loyalty.

Shia LaBeouf said Dark of the Moon will be his last Transformers film, which is ridiculous because apparently everyone gets laid on set.

Shia’s also said Justin Bieber is like a 16 year old Frank Sinatra. That should probably make up for him making Selena Gomez cream her panties.

Lindsay Lohan‘s free. Here are 11 women over 40 who apparently look better than her.

Mark Halperin says Obama was “kind of a d*ck“.

Prepare to get real f***ing dizzy…

A grandmother tortured her 9 year old grandson because he ate too much bacon. What a pig. That’s bad, but is it worse than smoking a bong while driving a van full of kids? Is it worse than your dead body going unnoticed for 2 whole days in a pool? Somehow I feel like Butterfinger Buzz was involved in all 3 instances.

Games of Thrones will be in comic book form soon.

Peace out, bitches! We’re off to make hair necklaces and smoke up legally in Connecticut!

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