Ask A Chick: Brazilian Wax Backfire, Facebook Relationship Status, Where The Ladies At This Summer

I bought my girlfriend a brazilian wax gift certificate because I thought it would be a fun gift for the both of us. Bad idea, she was hella pissed. What’s wrong with this? — Darius

Charlsie Says: Darius, what if your girlfriend took you to a salon and told you to get on all fours as they waxed the hair out of your butt crack because she thought it would be a fun gift for the both of you? Seriously buddy, come on now. It was a slap in the face that more than likely said “Um, I don’t like the grooming you have down there, so I took it upon myself to make it fit my needs.”

Women hear it all the time, “You must be shaved. You must be waxed.” We hear it, loud and clear. We get where this comes from, but if we chose to not have every last hair from our lady parts removed, waxed, or plucked — that’s up to us.

If this is something that truly turns you on and you wanted to see for yourself on her, you should have talked to her beforehand instead of putting the pressure on with a gift certificate because if anything, she felt completely bombarded by this and if she was open to getting a Brazilian wax before this, she might not be now. Try again but steer clear of personal grooming habits unless you’re down with her requesting you stencil in stars and hearts into your summer beard.

How important is being Facebook official to a girl? — Ryan

Charlsie Says: I don’t see why a relationship has to be Facebook official. To me, it’s pointless and in my last serious relationship, being Facebook official was never something either us felt was necessary. However, that’s my personal preference and I know that a lot of women feel differently about this.

With social media platforms such as Facebook being so important to many social circles, I can see why some guys and girls feel that something is not legit or acknowledged until it’s on Facebook. You know how some people would show up at a party together in high school? Now, it’s like you have to show up on the news feed or else it isn’t real. Stupid, right? But it’s the sign of the times. Whether you want to participate or not is up to you.

However, if your girlfriend wants to be Facebook official, but you don’t, I’d just compromise to make her happy because she’ll spend entirely too much time wondering why you won’t change your status and it will cause silly problems. Suck it up if it will make her happy and you like dating her.

Where can I meet a lot of girls this summer? — Paul

Charlsie Says: At a NKOTBSB concert — if you don’t know what the hell that stands for, it’s the joint concert between New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys.

I know you’re rolling your eyes at me and thinking this is the worst idea ever, but seriously, if you want to meet women, ages 18 to 20-something, who are dressed and dolled up in their summer dresses, drunk off of frozen margaritas, and highly aroused — this is the place for you.

If you can get over the fact that you’re witnessing boy bands and their muscles dance in sync, you can probably score at least a dozen numbers way before they even break out into their ballad medleys. Go for it — I triple dog dare you and I’m 99.9% sure it will work.

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