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Wrap It Up: Shia LaBeouf Banged Megan Fox Edition


The big news today is that the eternally honest Shia LaBeouf admitted he bumped uglies with Megan Fox while filming Transformers but wasn’t too sure if she was with her current husband Brian Austin Green at the time it happened. Maybe he was too distracted by all the nasty pillow talk they shared.

Some rando girl hooked up with Quentin Tarantino then told pretty much everyone that he liked sucking her toes while beatin’ off.

That’s creepy, but not as creepy as the slowed down sounds of a dial-up modem…

(via Buzzfeed, Reddit)

On the other end of the spectrum, Google Plus looks like the future of the internet, claiming to be the NEW Facebook?

Nothing new here as Roger Federer hit a ball between his legs at Wimbledon…

But, this dude from the Cirque de Soleil just showed us the coolest new way to pitch…

The new trailer for Moneyball hit the web today…

(disregard the comment at around the 1:45 mark)

Emma Stone is in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair, looking sweet in a candy cane bikini.

Eva Longoria went topless with a horse. This leads us back to man’s oldest debate: @ss or t*tties? We’ll let Snoop Dogg and Don Magic Juan handle that one…

Nude pics of Amber Rose freak-a-leaked onto the ‘net.

The new iPad app allows four-way, full-screen video chatting. We wonder if the Chinese Girl selling her virginity for the iPhone 4 will reconsider. Then again, did she know that Lenny Kravitz rocked an old school handset on his iPhone?

This is probably the worst news we’ve ever read: Internet addiction on the decline in college students. Okay, so they might not be addicted to the internet on computers but they sure do love using mobile apps WHILE DRIVING.

That sh*t will land you in jail. As will role playing (cosplay) in Abu Dhabi.

Dolphins LB Channing Crowder may have sold his jerseys in college. Meanwhile, Terrell Owens might not be wearing a jersey next year after tearing his ACL.

Jay Pharoah tore up a room full of spectators by impersonating Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, DMX, and Chris Tucker. SNL needs to feature him more…

Peace out,  bitches! We’re off to drink Sobe with Kate Upton.

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