He Said / She Said: How We REALLY Handle Break-ups

He Said/She Said is a dating, sex, and relationship series designed to help dudes understand what chicks are thinking – we know, an impossible feat. Every week we’ll be throwing out a different topic for debate…you can read the guy’s side here and the girl’s side at CollegeCandy.com. This week’s topic: How Dudes REALLY Handle Break-ups.

Last week we deliberated over what we think women do after we break up with them – it turns out that we assume that they turn into venomous, drug-addled nymphomaniacs.  We’d feel guilty about this, but it turns out that they haven’t got very high expectations of us either .

So I think it’s about time we set the record straight, don’t you? Here’s how we men really handle break-ups; prepare to either empathize or sympathize, depending upon your gender.

LEAD PHOTO CREDIT: hana/Datacraft

Check out what SHE SAID at CollegeCandy.com.

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