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Megan Fox Does Dictators [5 PHOTOS, POLL]


Whenever a big time movie’s about to hit theaters, a scandalous or controversial story breaks. Before Green Lantern released, self-shot pics of a nude Blake Lively “leaked”. Now that Transformers 3 is a week away from blowing up big screens, Michael Bay revealed Stephen Spielberg had him fire Megan Fox for comparing Bay to Hitler. Then HuffPo reported Megan will be in Sacha Baron Cohen’s “The Dictator”. We decided to have a little fun with it – think of it as Michael Bay’s Revenge; 5 photoshopped pics of Megan Fox dressed as famous dictators. This isn’t the first time we’ve photoshopped Megan. Probably won’t be the last either. Check ’em out then vote for your favorite in our poll below.

  • COED Writer