Wrap It Up: The Day Ryan Dunn Died Edition

While we began the day rejoicing over our prediction that Alyssa Campanella would win Miss USA 2011, it quickly turned into a sad day as reports came in that Jackass star Ryan Dunn died in a fatal car crash early Monday morning. His final tweet linking to a pic on his Tumblr lead many to believe he’d been drinking before he got behind the wheel of his Porsche. While most of his Jackass and Viva la Bam co-stars expressed their sorrow, film critic Roger Ebert decided to take the angry, chastising route with his tweet. Ryan’s new show “Proving Ground” just debuted on G4 two weeks ago, but the network has already pulled it from the schedule.

The Bruins continue to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory, this time racking up a $150,000+ bar tab that included the extremely rare Midas Ace of Spades bottle and an impromptu strip session from 19 year old rookie Tyler Seguin.

Dallas Mavericks rookie Dominique Jones one-upped his teammate Jason Terry’s championship trophy bicept tattoo with one of the hardware on his neck. That’s painful whereas this video of Kevin Durant’s off the backboard dunk in a summer league game is soothing to the eyeballs…

US Open winner Rory McIlroy celebrated his victory Sunday with a drink from the US Open trophy. How NHL of him. The Bruins would approve. They would NOT approve of this kid botching a cartwheel after graduating…

So, even though Green Lantern won the box office this past weekend, early word of mouth says the $300 million dollar project is a “turd cloud“. Even if the movie “bombed”, these works of Green Lantern fan-made mash-up art are blowin’ up.

Playboy Playmate and G4 Attack of the Show guest host Sara Jean Underwood celebrated World Naked Bike Ride Day.

Attack of the Show co-host Alison Haislip gave Esquire a tour of her place and her underwear.

Michael Bay revealed that Stephen Spielberg ordered him to fire Megan Fox after her interview with Wonderland magazine, in which she compared Bay to Hitler. Hey, nobody’s perfect. Especially the women featured in this documentary about obtaining “the perfect vagina”.

Something tells us Hilary Clinton’s former intern, Sammie Spades, might be looking into vaginal reconstruction after she’s done with her porn career.

In other news…

Peace out, bitches! We’re off to test out our new erection-boosting condoms!

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