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5 Things To Do With A Kiddie Pool This Summer…


The weather is heating up, the barbecues are popping up every weekend, and it’s starting to truly feel like the heat of summer. What better way to make use of the great outdoor conditions than with a pool? A kiddie pool, that is…and we’re not talking about going swimming. Just because it’s meant for water, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have far more potential. Lose the shoes, grab a towel, and get the bathing suits ready, because this one might get just a little sloppy.

Jell-O Wrestling – Probably the first suggestion to bubble up into your subconscious is the ever popular wrestling match between two co-eds in a vat of sticky, gelatinous wonder. This might be a touch pricier than some of the other suggestions, but a trip to the economy sized grocery store will give you the best deal on a shopping cart full of instant Jell-O. Let the games begin!

Ice Luge – Whether it’s a custom-built giant block of ice or from a plastic mold you bought on Amazon, a kiddie pool is the ideal item to house your party starter. As the alcohol and juice flows down the crisp, cold luge, feel free to let it go all over the place, as the pool will be handling clean up for the evening. No more breaking out the mop or hose the next morning with a blinding headache, wondering whose stupid idea it was to spend money on such a mess maker.

Grape Smashing – Even messier than the ice luge, and possibly more hazardous, this activity seems to be born for a kiddie pool. Load up the pool with as many grapes as possible, and two players race to see who can create the most juice by stomping with their feet only. Try doing this tournament style or giving out prizes to make it even more interesting. Be careful, it could get slippery out there.

Giant Cooler – Is the fridge full? Are the couple coolers you managed to steal from last weekend’s party already overflowing with cheap cans of beer? For about $20 or so, you can have the largest “cooler” anyone’s ever seen, capable of holding a literal sea of beverages. Add in the ice and keep it in the shade to ensure everything stays as icy as possible.

Jungle Juice – If a bathtub works, why not a kiddie pool? A cheap, makeshift container for an epic batch of this potent punch which is sure to have the entire party smashed up in no time. Just make sure there’s plenty of ice available to keep everything chilled and you’re set to go.

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