Stripping Down Sarah White, The Naked Therapist


I always thought therapy sessions were meant to strip the patient down but apparently I was wrong. Meet Sarah White, the founder and ingenious creator of Naked Therapy™. This librarian-hot therapist gets naked then listens to your problems (there shouldn’t be too many if you’re in a session with her). As awesome and sexy as this sounds, the sessions are taken seriously and Sarah has seen/been seen by over hundreds of clients. COED got the chance to talk to Ms. White about her practice. Check out the interview below and don’t forget to check out her website, Facebook, and Twitter. [All photos below are either of Sarah or other Naked Therapists™]

How did you come up with your idea for Naked Therapy™?

I was living in New York for a couple of years and was doing some modeling, web development and still studying Psychology. I think it was really a combination of all three of those aspects of my life which lead me to the idea of Naked Therapy™. It just occurred to me one day and I thought it made a lot of sense. I thought, why haven’t we explored this yet? The idea came about very organically and I decided to do further research and ask: does it make sense, is it plausible, and will it work? And it has been amazingly successful.

Do your clients ever find it difficult to concentrate on the topic at hand, since you’re nude during the session?

In short, not in a bad way! I would say it is different for everybody since everyone has different reactions. Many of my clients become more focused and relaxed. Overall, I think that being open with my body helps people feel more comfortable being open and truthful with their emotions and bodies. As far as finding it difficult to concentrate, I have had a couple of clients say so maybe once or twice, but as the session progressed, their focus actually become clearer and their insights deeper. The arousal – be it mental, physical and/or emotional – is a major topic of self-exploration in Naked Therapy™.

Do you ever not get naked during therapy? Or does that defeat the purpose of Naked Therapy™?

Sometimes I don’t get naked. There are actually people who haven’t been quite ready for themselves or myself to be naked during particular sessions, which becomes part of the discussion. I don’t think it defeats the purpose because many people just want to be able to speak completely freely and often just the fact that I’m willing to get naked and positive about nakedness puts them at ease and helps them open up.

What would you say your percentage is of male clients versus female?

Right now it is actually 100% men, aged between 20-70 years of age. But it’s proving to be harder to get the word out to women. I really encourage women to try a session though! I’ve just added a new page on my website that further explains why. Just last week, I’ve welcomed on a wonderful new Naked Therapist-in-Training, Randy. So I’m hoping that an open-minded male may also help attract the ladies! I hope that as the word continues to spread the practice will have a larger base of women who are clients as well.

I know that you do your sessions via webcam; do you feel that’s productive in a therapy session since therapists normally do their sessions in person?

I think it is very productive and embraces our current and future culture of utilizing the World Wide Web. While I still believe in-person therapy is a great and productive way to have a therapy session, in some cases, people prefer to be on the other end of the computer. One reason is, that it lets my clients react however they would naturally react, and don’t feel like they are being judged for that!

Are you thinking of taking the media attention you’ve acquired and parlaying it into something else besides your therapy sessions?

As of now I’m just sticking to the therapy. I have dabbled in other things previously, and perhaps down the road I might get back into those areas, but right now I’m more focused on the therapy practice.

I know you get fully naked in your sessions. Do men ever have the urge to ask you to take the session one step further or have you been lucky enough not to face that type of situation?

I have been asked to do that a few times and I have not been offended, as it’s a natural question for some people to ask! I just say that I don’t do that as I don’t deem it to be under the realm of Naked Therapy™. And, that the sessions are about them becoming aroused and using that arousal positively in their life.

Do you ever feel the men who register a session with you just pay you to see you naked or are they genuine with their therapy session?

I can honestly say that I think that everyone who has signed up for a therapy session is genuinely interested in therapy. And that actually, many men ARE interested in talking about themselves, their life, and their desires.

Has anyone ever “saluted” you during a therapy session?

Yes, some have. I encourage my clients to respond how they would like!

Have you received any negative criticism about the type of therapy you do?

Yes and it ranges from personal attacks to religious zealots. And there is also positive feedback! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you become used to a variety of comments once something like this goes public.

What are some of your future hopes for your therapy? Where do you see it going?

I just really hope the word keeps spreading and more people become aware of it. I am also hoping it becomes academically legitimized for more therapists to practice.

Do you want to get naked now?

Let’s start the therapy :-)

Visit Sarah and her future naked therapists in training on her main website at: where you can also check out her experiences in her blog:

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