Stop Doing These 3 Things If You Want To Get Laid

Girls consistently run away when you approach, give you the cold shoulder or give you the look of ‘you’re an alien’ (and not in the sexy Katy Perry way)? Sounds like you need to watch out for the top 3 ways in which you can seem like a weirdo… despite actually being a pretty f*cking cool guy. If you want to break this slump you’re in, check ’em out below.


Failing to make good eye contact

Looking away as you speak, or being unable to hold someone’s gaze, creates a much worse impression than you just being a little shy. Great eye contact is a key way in which we communicate our sincerity to someone. So, instead of just seeming nervous when you tell her that you think she’s cute, you’ll appear insincere. If she can’t tell whether you’re for real or not, she’ll walk. Instead, muscle up the courage to let her meet your gaze; and even if it conveys a dose of insecurity that’s a lot easier to link than insincerity.

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Whatever your actions are (whether that’s spinning a girl around, or going in for the kiss) then you need to perform them smoothly. She’ll find it tough to maintain a conversation with you if all she can notice is how you keep fiddling with your belt buckle or twiddling with your straw. Try to make sure (even if you don’t quite feel it yet) that all of your body language reads ‘chilled’ even if inside you’re feeling nervous. Our external actions will not only influence how she feels, but also how we feel about ourselves. We’re like atoms of energy: and what vibe we give out we tend to get back. So if you radiate ‘nervous’ (though it’s very understandable why you would feel that way) she’s going to feel awkward, too. Instead, work on keeping calm and relaxed in your movements, and soon she’ll feel much more chilled in your presence, too.

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Sudden changes

Everything you do – whether it’s building up to a kiss, or moving from topic to topic in conversation – should be done in increments or baby steps. Sudden changes in your mood, actions or chat are alarming, as they make you seem inconsistent and out of control as a person. Switching from being shy to shrieking, sitting next to her to make out, or from chatting about your dog to dogging are all too big a leap to make. As she won’t be able to see your next move coming, she’ll freak out. Instead work on making your intent clear but smooth. Don’t burst into laughter without pulling her into your joke. Don’t go into kiss her if you haven’t already come into her proximity. Don’t chat to her about sex, if you haven’t first spoken about relationships. It seems like common sense, but remember the small steps, to allow you to make the big ones.

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He Said / She Said: Meeting The Parents
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